Fiction: “The Second Sun”

I know I’ve been rather quiet over, of late (more on this later), but how about a little lady-loving-lady themed reading material, to start your Monday off right?

A story by my… associate, 菊菜 瞬 (Kikuna Matata), illustrated by the fantabulous beili, is appearing in the current issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang: Special Issue No. 9, “Earth, Wind, and Fire”.

The Second Sun” by 菊菜 瞬 (Kikuna Matata)
illustrated by beili

Isabel runs out of money in Stockholm. 

She could write to Sophy, of course; she did, in Vienna, where Bettina had said, We can’t have a mind like yours wasting away in that pit of a boarding house, only to abandon Isabel five days later to the company of her brother’s friends; and later in Berlin, where Alexander had said, very quietly, I don’t believe it is safe for you here, is it?, and Isabel had lived for some time under the protective watch of him and his servants: both, by long practice, most painfully discreet. Alexander had been a friend to her: he had even invited her to Paris, but she feared to overstay her welcome, and rode instead with Cenek Pechácek and his bad reputation to the university in Prague, where she picked up enough Czech to not be taken for a German and learned to drink with the scholars without ending the night vomiting into the snow; and when the eyes that fell upon her there began to stay too long, she went by carriage to Krakow, where she was dismissed from the observatory after a week and a half and, instead, bent her head over her calculations by wavering candlelight long into the night. She’d not given those sooty addresses to Sophy, no more than she’d written of the rattling carts that smelt of hay and dung; or the reek of tar and river-fish on her hands, or the expanse of ocean that finally at the end of summer lay itself at her feet at her in Danzig: lit in lavender twilight, her own silver road. 

London, she had thought with a shudder in Danzig; and then, Paris, but of course Alexander had been called back to Prussia; and then: North, towards the comet in the belly of Ursa Major, with Polaris above her shoulder. North, to Erik Gärnö, formerly of the observatory in Lund—or to Teodor Wåhlin, perhaps, known to grind his own lenses and returned from Uppsala. North, to Stockholm: where the air has snapping teeth, and one never runs out of sea. 

Read “The Second Sun” at SS*BB, or view the entire issue.

All characters appearing in this work are entirely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. As always, this story is rated explicit and appropriate for adults only.

My fabulous illustrator beili also has an absolutely goooorgeous stand-alone piece in this issue: “With the sky full of diamonds“. Check it out and tell her how much you love it!