Fiction: “Flight”

A story by my… associate, 菊菜 瞬 (Kikuna Matata), is appearing in the current issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang: No. 39, “Sword and Sorcery”.

“Flight” by 菊菜 瞬 (Kikuna Matata)
(Illustrated by noodlenoggen!)
Oliver’s halfway through his third pint of lukewarm and watery ale when he half-hears, half-feels, “You’ve been following me,” warm and a little damp against the side of his neck. He can’t quite check his half-smile; Edward obviously takes this as an invitation and slides a knee between Oliver and his right-hand neighbor (a half-troll with uncomfortably broad shoulders and beautiful table manners), then sits sideways on the bench.

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All characters appearing in this work are entirely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. As always, this story is rated explicit and appropriate for adults only.